What I’ve been up to…

Sorry for the lack of posts (I don’t think anyone actually reads this anyways).  But since July, I’ve moved to a new house and started a new job, so I’ve been a little bit busy.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t been building anything though!  One of the great things about our new house is that I’ve got a detached garage that largely dedicated to woodworking.  It’s pretty sweet.

I’ll post some more details on that later, I haven’t quite got things pretty and organized yet. Anyways, here are a couple things that I’ve finished, and will post more build details later on.

First up, a windsor chair:

I took a week long class with Greg Pennington, and it was one of the funnest things I’ve done in a long time.  Greg is a great teacher, and an incredible chair maker. He’s one of those guys who just does stuff so fast it makes your head spin.  I’ve got a lot to write about that week though, so more on that later.

Next, a coffee table for my wife’s vet practice:

This is made from maple, and stained a dark walnut or something.  I honestly don’t really love this thing, but it’s what the interior decorater specified. Staining wood just seems to take all the natural color variation out, and leaves really monotone look. Also, it’s a little glossy for my taste.

Third, one of those C. Schwarz squares..

This was actually pretty easy to build, a lot easier then I thought.  BUT (there’s always a but) after glue-up, I took the smoother to it and discovered that both sides had bowed about 1/8.  Now, the GD thing was dead flat when I put the clamps on.  They both bowed in the opposite direction of the half-lap joints, so it doesn’t seem like bad luck.  I’m going to email Chris and express my displeasure.  I’d take a picture of the bowing, but I was so annoyed I got out the no8 and tried to flatten the damn thing.  Of course I wasn’t really successful.

Anyways, that’s what I’ve been up to.  I’ll post more frequently in the future, promise.

– Matt

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