hold it right there!

So, I’d been eyeing some primo holdfasts from Peter Ross for awhile now (read about them here).  The ones I’ve got work just fine, I just have never really been happy with how they look.  I’ve currently got four of the grammercy tools holdfasts (seen here).  Now, there are a couple things about the grammercy tools holdfasts.  #1 is that they are cheap.  $20 a piece.  #2 is that they were really the only option available (until now) unless you wanted to pay a blacksmith a small fortune to make custom ones for you (see above article about Peter Ross).  There is one bad thing I’ve noticed about the Grammery Tool’s holdfasts, and that is that they’ve tended to burnish the holes that I use them in. So, once every few months I’ve got to scuff up the holdfasts themselves with some 100 grit paper, AND scuff up the holes that I use them in. Not that bad, but still kinda annoying because I put it off.

Enter Lie Nielsen.  They started selling their own holdfast a couple weeks ago, which has a nice traditional look.  So I went ahead and ordered a pair.  I’m hoping since these are cast and have a much rougher surface, they won’t require constant fiddling and scuffing in the long term like the TFWW ones.

The lie nielsen is a little longer in the shaft, which in theory would give more height capacity; in reality tho, you never use them at that height. The TFWW holdfast has a little more reach.. Sometimes that’s good, sometimes it’s in the way.

There’s not much to review, honestly. Both hold things down when you whack ‘em with a hammer.  I really like how the LN’s look though, and isn’t that what its all about? 

I’ll report back if the LN’s have the same “burnishing” effect that the TFWW’s do.  I don’t think they will, but only time will tell.

I’ve got some lots more updates coming up!  Finishing up a project and installing a Benchcrafted criss-cross..

– Matt