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Babies are a lot of work.  I get some shop time, but it’s only just enough to be paralyzing. I get out there and can’t decide what to work on, so I clean up instead and organize things. That’s not all bad though.

Last week I stopped at ReTool, a used tool shop north of Nashville.  A lot of what they have there is basic contractor stuff, but I scored some clamps and am thinking about going back there for a lathe (more on that later, hopefully).

I picked up 4 of these nice hargrave C-clamps.  These aren’t really good clamps for woodworking, but they’re good for lots of other things.  $20 per, and they seem like really really good quality, not those cheap ones you’ll score at Harbor Freight.

I also picked up 6 of the 24” Jorgenson “Cabinet Master” parallel clamps.  These are awesome.  I probably err’d in the size, tho.. I already had 4 in that size, so I should have maybe bought some of the the bigger ones.  At $22 a pop though, it was a screaming deal.  They’ll last the rest of my life at a minimum.

Also, the jorgenson clamps are hands-down better than the bessey parallel clamps I also own.  Bigger face, smoother sliding action, better foot thingy at the end..  Just seems like a higher quality clamp.

On the woodworking front, I just finished milling some walnut for a “whiskey cabinet” that I’m going to attempt to finish for a friend who’s getting married in a few weeks.  Nothing like a deadline to force yourself to get something done.

– Matt

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