Moving quickly now..

The end of the year is coming up quick, and I’ve still got one major project to finish.  A desk, in a sort of mid-50’s modern style.  This will be a nice mix of traditional and non-traditional techniques and materials. Solid wood construction (no plywood), mitered dovetailed boxes, but modern blum blumotion drawer slides and hardware.

I picked up some nice looking cherry from Greg Pennington; he’s got the good stuff in a giant pole barn behind his chair workshop. I’ve been using titebond hide glue for all my glueups, I really am starting to prefer it to PVA glues. The tackiness of it prevents the panels from sliding around so much.

IMG_1757 IMG_1756 IMG_1755

One other thing I noticed, while we’re on the subject of cherry… Look at these two Lie-Nielsen handles.  The darker one I got maybe 3 years ago, the lighter one just a month ago. Cherry really ages nicely by itself overtime, no need to rush things with dyes or colored wax.



I’ll be posting more as this project moves along, I only have a few weeks left!

– Matt

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  1. I’m jealous of that nice cherry. Wait…you got that from me. What I meant to say was I’m jealous of the time you get to make something out of that cherry. Great job with the matching grain. Looking forward to seeing the desk.

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