Miter Box Restoration

Almost 2 (2.5?) years ago, my Uncle Bob gave me his dad’s miter box and miter saw…  It took me awhile, but I finally felt up to the task of breaking it down in approximately 5000 separate pieces, soaking them all in Evapo-Rust, and then letting them sit in a box for 2 months. THEN, I spent an evening using a wire wheel on everything, and piecing it back together.  I think it came out pretty well, and I didn’t even lose any of the hardware. Well, I thought I had, but then I went and fished around in the bucket of Evapo-Rust, and found the final bolt. Two months sitting in the solution didn’t seem to harm it at all.

Anyways, it came out pretty well!

I made a quick base for it from some authentic Lucinda, PA white pine (thanks Uncle Mike). The Evapo-Rust actually leaves a dark gooey coating on everything, but some scotch-brite pads or a wire wheel gets it off pretty well. I like things shiny.

The best thing about getting tools from family, is well, they’re from family. My uncle Bob’s dad was a carpenter, so he actually used these tools… I love that I’m able to put them back into service.

I sent the saw to sharpening savant Mark Harrell over at Bad Axe Toolworks, and it came back “sticky sharp”. Maybe I’ll learn to sharpen saws someday, but in the meantime they’ll go to Mark. Here’s a quick video of the sweet cutting action.

It cuts like a dream, and I doubt I’ll be using that loud, noisy, dusty compound sliding chop saw anymore..  Thanks for the tools Uncle Bob!

– Matt

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