Hmm. Might have a bench grinder problem.

Maybe it’s actually a craigslist problem? Anyways, couldn’t really pass this one up.. 7” Baldor, brand new. About 75% off.

You can always tell quality stuff when you see it in person. This is a hefty grinder, about 70 lbs. And when you turn it off, it literally takes about 3 minutes to stop spinning. It’s got stamped steel rests (lame), but they expect you to replace them with something more substantial anyways.



The bookshelves are finally coming together. Next up, shelves, then some crown molding, then doors for the lower sections. ┬áHope to finish them in the next couple weeks. These are tall; about an inch shy of 8’. They’re built to match the height of the windows in my living room, so it compliment them nicely.


– Matt

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