Hey, not so trofast

Another piece of “furniture of necessity” done.  Well, still need my wife to pick out some paint. We need some better toy storage for Porter’s room, and *almost* ordered a Trofast storage combination from ikea.  Well, no point in having a garage full of tools and a belly full of gumption if I can’t build something myself, dangit. Plus, I could build it to fit the space it was destined to be. Bespoke furniture. Although, I wouldn’t call this furniture.

Started gluing up panels last week, nailed on the back boards tonight. My wife still thinks I build things agonizingly slow; I don’t buy into it. Although I did promise her some bookcases like 8 months ago, so she may have a point.

I inlayed a piece of angle iron into the front edge. I think it looks nice, plus I imagine this will be a “jumping off point” for Porter, in the most literal sense.

Tongue and groove back; used my uncle’s stanley 45 (which, I’m always amazed how minty-condition it is in. I don’t think the 3/16 tongue cutter had ever been sharpened) and my small plow plane from veritas. Pretty enjoyable.

Anyways, didn’t take too long, and should hold up longer than whatever we could have purchased. We DID buy the bins from ikea though. Don’t get me wrong, I love ikea. It’s hard to buy their furniture though, if you have the slightest insight into what really good furniture is like. Although, the price at ikea is definitely right. No arguing that.

– Matt

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