English Square redux

The first english square I attempted didn’t turn out too well.  The problem was that I cut all the half laps joints before I glued the two legs together, and I didn’t glue it *exactly* in the same position as it was when I marked everything out. So the stretcher was in a little bit of tension when fitting it. This caused the legs to bow, which caused me to overreact with the no8, and it quickly became a wall decoration.

I decided to make a batch of them.. I figured they would make good christmas presents, but obviously didn’t finish them in time. Maybe they will make good 4th of July presents.

Here’s the first one off the production line. I’m not going to go into construction details, I believe I’m exactly the 32,533 person to build one of these in the past year.

I think it came out ok.  All this walnut came from the same tree, but I could have matched it a little better.

– Matt

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