$24 and 4 hours

Well, this is slightly embarrassing given my last entry, when I rambled on and on about “fine” work.  We had some baskets, and my time frame to build a shelf was one day, more or less. Well, it was an evening and a morning. I had one glue-up that I let sit overnight.

Otherwise, it was a 12″x8′ S4S pine board from the big box store, and a SYP 2″x10″x8′.  About $24.  So there is some pith involved, and some cupped boards.. But not a lot of time or money. IMG_2417

Oh, and a handful of pocket screws. I think my wife is going to paint it white.



Anyways, it won’t last 100 years, but I suppose it doesn’t have to. It’s not exactly satisfying building furniture like this, but it is a good feeling to do something so quickly.  Maybe I’ll buy a festool domino or something, so that when there is a time crunch I can still avoid pocket hole joinery.

– Matt

One thought on “$24 and 4 hours”

  1. The first thing I thought when I saw the picture of your shelf in my feed was, “nice lines”. And it made me click on the link and thus I’m here writing this comment.

    I think it’s a fine piece, and it shows that you took the time to add some details to the legs and top. Looks like you found some clear boards at the Borg too.

    As I’ve gotten older I now realize that there’s a time and place for everything, and sometimes you just have to get something done. To that end I recently bought the Taunton Press book, “Pocket Hole Joinery”, by Mark Edmundson. It’s really an inspiring book for using pocket hole joinery (when you must) in such a way that you still craft very nice furniture.

    Nice work on the shelf (I’m not convinced that’s the best name for it though).

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