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Finally started getting moving on restoring that old northfield.  I’ll post a write up when I’m all done, but that will probably be awhile.. I’ve ordered a new cutterhead from Byrd, and the wait is 12-16 weeks.

In the meantime, I’ve done some clean-up and painting.  I bought a HVLP spray gun from Amazon for only $40, was pretty surprised how well it worked considering I was spraying a fairly thick oil-based enamel.

I’ll post pictures along the way, but here’s what has happened so far.


Getting the pulley off the cutterhead shaft was puzzling.. After a lot of staring and some internet searches, leaned about “keyed tapered bushings”.  Basically, two tapered bushings that are pulled together to hold a pulley on the shaft.


Cutterhead finally out, and most everything disassembled..




A coat of gray primer went on before this green… Here’s the Sherwin Williams paint code for “northfield” green.

Northfield paint.jpg









Right now I’m fabricating a dust chute, so I’ll post some pictures of that when I’m done.

– Matt