so much to do.

Seems like half of what I do on this site is apologize for not being on this site more.  That’s life getting in the way, I suppose.  A lot has been going on though!  First, a couple completed projects.

A few pictures of a desk I completed.. Made with some beautiful cherry boards from Greg Pennington.  My wife found a mid-century desk she really liked, I think I did it justice.




Yes, those are metal drawer slides. Blum tandembox ones though, the kind that pull closed really softly, no matter how hard you slam the drawer home.  I’m happy with the choice.  Also my first time cutting mitered dovetails; not as hard as it looks. The first one came out pretty “meh”, but you figure it out pretty quickly.

Another reason for not having time to post: one more white baby has entered the world. Jameson O’Neill is here, bulldog for scale.



Oh yeah!  Just dragged something else home last week.  1955 Medium-duty Northfield 12″ jointer.   All 1250 lbs of it.  I could stare at it all day long, no lie.

photo 1

Seriously.  I’m excited about this one. Expect some actual posts when I get it up and running.

– Matt