Everything and Nothing.

That’s what I’ve been up to.  I don’t nearly get the time I *need* out in the woodshop these days.  So, I’m going to condense some things that I’ve been meaning to post separately.

First, a new dovetail saw! I bought a badaxe tenon saw back before it was cool to have one (subtle gloat), and I finally got around to ordering a dovetail saw from Mark as well. There wasn’t anything wrong with my veritas dovetail saw.  But man, this one sure is pretty.  Cherry handle, stainless back, stainless sawnuts.  I was going to get the 12” dovetail hybrid saw, but I’m glad I went with the 10”.  This thing is plenty agressive (re: sharp).  

Cuts like a dream.  What have I been dovetailing?  Well, I’m almost done with a 5-drawer shaker table.  Just need to put bottoms in the drawers and throw some knobs on.  One of these days…

I picked up a top section to my toolbox on black thursday, which necessitated some rearranging in the shop.

Also: don’t buy driver heads at harbor freight.  This is just the first three that snapped in a row.. I think I went through 7-8 within 10 minutes.

I’ve done a few other things as well, and have plenty coming up.  Moxon vise, benchcrafted criss-cross, etc.. But we’ll see when I can get some time ;-).

– Matt